A journey begins with the first step…

“danced by the light of the moon”

-Seals & Crofts

Years ago I was asked to present at a women’s retreat, speaking on “How to be Joyous.” I was young and horrified. Part of me could imagine my mother repeating an overzealous, evangelical neighbor’s spouting about “JOY, JOY, JOY!”… and rolling her eyes. (Seemed a cliche; a kind of over-hyped misunderstood commodity… which makes it out of reach.)

Another part of me thought: what makes me an expert?  Really. On anything! I felt I hadn’t lived enough and learned enough to figure things out for myself, let alone tell anyone else what to do. Too much responsibility. Admittedly, I was afraid of not having the  “right” answers.

Flash ahead many years. Older and wiser. Sort of! (Don’t you feel like that?) Sure I’m experienced, but still the same wishful young girl inside: looking for fun, answers, and where I may belong. Occasionally open to advice too. Trying hard to have a “good” life.

The difference is– now I have something to say. And it’s not what I thought it had to be. It is simply sharing what is personal and what I’ve seen so far. Because you might relate, you might understand, and maybe just maybe, it could help. 

We all have different views, regardless of age, based on where we’ve been, with whom, and what happened. We are curious about each other. That’s because we’re looking for clues; clues to our own blind spots and gaps, as well as a view to unheard-of alternatives. Don’t cha want nine lives sometimes?

So here it is– after much nudging and prodding– my baby blog and part of what may add form to future books. It is without particular soapbox of authority intentionally (that’s a disclaimer, folks). It’s a way of taking your hand, opening my heart and saying, “here’s what I think.” Today.

May we both grow and change our views through the process.  Thank you for stopping by.

(Originally published 6/2/2010; updated in 2019.)

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