Things That Sing (even if only a few bars!)

(“Miz Kitty”  ©2009 Angel Burns)


I love pens. Something pretty…good flowing ink.

Not that I’m a Mont Blanc collector. I’m using one now from the Fox lot, complete with its logo, but it also has a ring of sparkling rhinestones. It twinkles when I write. Some part of me is still the little girl, gaga over Cher! (Maybe Lady Gaga! Or for the youngsters, Fancy Nancy! )

Pens make me feel special. Touch of personality in a sea of generic tools, including hotel implements and anything sporting an ad. Feels good to offer ’em for others to borrow– a bit of color and flair, a taste of personality.

We don’t need everything and we don’t need much, but find a small taste of style that makes you look with loving eyes. Little niceties. A purple paper clip. Putting your mouthwash in grandma’s cut glass decanter. My daughter ties pretty ribbons from packages on doorknobs and posts in her room. A famous TV producer told me she loves a gifted flash drive, that is shaped like a dog bone.

What says fun to you? Keep it handy in a life filled with useful objects… Mini-pleasures that decorate our days.

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