#MeToo article & products

#MeToo strikes a chord!

Why say anything, right?

About the # meToo movement? I understand why it’s embarrassing and … upsetting conversation. But…

I can’t just not care, can you? Not about the things that directly affect life and loved ones. This one stings, long-term. I’m a mother, after all, and this affects my children too. Everyone.

Seems most everything that I’ve done, I’ve done out of frustration with the status quo.

Even seemingly mundane things. For instance, learning Photoshop when I wanted to look better online. Yup, guilty, and this one goes back YEARS. Mainly I used it to remove pimples (before avoiding dairy fixed it!), and occasionally added in missing family members from group shots. I wanted my own remedy, preferably NOW.

I became a photographer because I wasn’t happy with the pictures I could take of my kids, or what was available to buy as they went about their days.

I learned to build computers when I couldn’t afford a big-fat high-falutin’ pro deck, to edit video… starting with my family home movies.

See a pattern here? “What we appreciate, appreciates.” Our values determine our attention.

Inner hopes for better… based on the quality I was presently experiencing. Not good enough.

Change starts with… effort

Possibly bravery.

But like everything, it all comes down to time and attention. Where will you put yours?

I learned if I’m not happy with the world and I want things to be more beautiful, frustration is the energy for change.

Gulp. I mean by ME.

Big (societal) changes require personal fuel too. We all can make a difference, sometimes just by speaking up.

My public voice on # meToo

No I won’t detail my #meToo horror stories. That ends up being salacious for the audience, and painful for any victim.

But I will talk about why they matter.

This issue has affected myself, my family, and my friends, both male and female. It is insidious.

Here’s a link to my article for Ms. Magazine: Has #meToo gone too far — or not far enough?

Shop to show the world you care:

Announcing new #meToo products, like his and hers T-shirts and mugs from my store.

Here’s a direct link to the #meToo Collection thus far, or you can navigate to the shop from the menu bar. (Please tell me if everything arrives as expected, and suggestions for future image-based products.)

Express your support, while also seeking out occasions to change the status quo.

We are all works in progress!

blessings to you,

P.S. Share below, about your #meToo feelings. Suggest organizations and actions for change. What else will help?


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