Beauty as we find it…

(“Remembering You” ©2011 Angel Burns)

Meaning makes a memory beautiful…


Attended fellow APA colleague, Melvin Sokolsky’s presentation last night. Melvin is a legendary photographer, famous since his Harper’s Bazaar work way back when. He has a new book coming out, and I was looking forward to hearing him expound. He did not disappoint!

Beyond the slideshows of magical floating bubbles in Paris (filled with gorgeously-frocked models) and images reflecting fascination and admiration (flying women, Thumbelina, faces in flowers)…was simple artistic philosophy: Please yourself, express your inner vision, listen to no one else, consider MEANING beyond the lovely, focus on IDEAS. Meaty views, bluntly expressed. Opinions I share.

Melvin is a bit of a curmudgeon, even in his own estimation. As a real artist, he knows his own critique is the most important, and revels in the high of satisfaction when the muse is served. Clearing the cobwebs of self-importance, he embraces his own “ups and downs”  (not just the clebrated moments, or best-of images). He tells the truth. Without hiding behind technique/tools/technology or chasing trends, he asked us: “what do you have to say? WHY? What MATTERS to YOU?”

It is that dedication to personal authenticity and unadulterated inspiration that makes him one of my heroes.

I raise a glass to you, Melvin. My soul is gratified twice — to see your work, and to hear your words.

For a dreamy browsing, do check out the imagery on Melvin’s website.

A living legend, still seeking the good stuff!


“Art is what moves us.”

Feel free to share other art and artists that have inspired you…

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