A video peek at my multicultural background…

For the curious, here’s a 5-minute mini-bio: “Multicultural ME, the Traveler.”


On that note…what of this?

An old sign that needs an update!

Au contraire: Being a citizen of the WORLD is marvelous and recommended!

Go out and make a new friend from somewhere foreign, even if it’s just the neighborhood next door 😉

(Please comment below and tell us about it! Your diverse friends, environments, travel and origins. More is more!)

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2 thoughts on “A video peek at my multicultural background…

  1. I am in awe for sure. Most beautifully expressed. So clean and easy to watch – over and over again. Love the video. Never had any doubts about your brilliance or your artistry or the depth of your soul.
    Love you 😘

    1. Goodness, you are so loving! Thanks for the overwhelming warm fuzzies. I appreciate every bit of your kind attention. Thanks and hugs!

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