5 Art Visions to Make You SWOON!

(This post originally posted on July 10, 2017, and was updated in 2019.)

“Art is what it does to us.”

Your easiest escape is a mental one. •  Step into 5 visionary daydreams:

1. Bahai Temple of South America – Hariri Pontarini Architects

A peaceful glow…

Bahai Temple South America
©Sebastian Wilson Leon   [click photo to enlarge for best experience]

* Welcoming to all religions—or none!

2. Glass Sculptures – Jack Storms

Breathtaking light and color…

Jack Storms explains his work 

*Artist’s fave “Vivi-ovo” at 5:45!

3. Lovers Statues that Mesh – Tamara Kvesitadze

Symbolism of a deep intimacy…

“Ali & Nino” | Statue of Love

*Romantics: stop video at 1:56 mins!

4. Paintings – Peter Max

Saturated color, since the psychedelic 60’s…

Dreams Art Gallery, St Maarten | Bio, variety of works: pianos, plane, ship, cars, albums, stamps, murals, portraits, events and media

*See my “portrait” (as if!) at 2:05 and 6:14 mins

I finally met my lifelong inspiration in 2004. He told me he always paints to music. I think it shows!

5. Crystal Universe – teamLab

Sublime entry into space and wonder…

©teamLab | ArtScience Museum, Singapore [Best in fullscreen]

*The pinks at 1:23 are better than a Bob Mackie wardrobe!

5 last looks:

*Click each for largest immersion…

Ceiling, Bahai Temple South America | ©Guy Wenborne

photo: JackStorms.com

Statue of Love ©Маша Рябкова

3 Hearts, ver.1 #3 | ©Peter Max


ArtScience Museum – Singapore | Instagram photo by taramilktea


Feast your eyes, indulge your imagination…

let good art carry you away.

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One thought on “5 Art Visions to Make You SWOON!

  1. Thanks for the escape!

    “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”
    Leonardo da Vinci

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